How long have you been in business?

Since 2000. See the About page for more information.

What is a customised database?

It is the development of a computer software application specifically designed to store and process your organisation's information/data.

How can I get the database I need?

There are 2 methods of acquiring a database, either you can purchase an off-the-shelf package or have a customised database developed to suit your needs.

How many meetings do we need before my application is ready?

It varies. Defining requirements will require more time if you have not already specified the system to us in advance. However, we have been able to build multi-user applications without having met with our clients in person. We have the ability to correspond via email, connecting remotely to your PC, and telephonically.

Why should our organisation consider a customised software application?

The main reason for developing a customised software application is to achieve something that an off-the-shelf package does not achieve. The application can be designed around your organisation's specific processes and requirements.

How much will it cost?

Before commencing development we can analyse your requirements and provide you with a detailed proposal. Sometimes we can also apply previously developed code which can dramatically reduce the project cost.

How long does it take for you to develop a customised application?

Requirement gathering is done before design starts. Depending on the requirements for your application it could take anything from days to months. We can give you a target project completion date. Depending on the complexities of the required system and integration with other systems within your organisation we can also break the project down into phases to ease implementation.

What technologies do you use for development?

We use MS Access, Jet and Visual Basic for Applications language to build customised systems.

Why do you predominantly use MS Access?

Access is powerful, cost-effective and development can be completed quickly. We deploy our applications on an Access Runtime so you don't have to purchase additional MS Access licensing.

I am using Excel spreadsheets, do I need to change to a database?

If you have duplicate data spread across different files, it is often better to store the information in a database.

We have an existing Access database which requires changes. Can you help us?

Yes. We analyse your existing database and give recommendations as to the changes required.

My MS Office package does not have MS Access and my excel spreadsheets are getting too complicated, what can I do?

We will analyse your spreadsheets and develop a customised database which will be deployed on Access Runtime and then facilitate the transition from your spreadsheets into Access.

I am using an off-the-shelf accounting package, but the rest of my business needs to be automated - I don't want to duplicate work, what do you recommend?

We can help you with import and/or export of data compatible with other software packages.

Can my customised database run on a network?

Yes. We design our databases using a separate back end (where data is stored) and front end (user interface). The back end is placed on the server and is accessed via the front ends on the user's PCs.

How much data can be stored in my database?

Because we use linked tables to the user interface, size is only limited to the amount of storage capacity that you have available.

Who can I speak to for more information?

Contact us here.

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