We are a software services company dedicated to providing reliable and powerful systems to a range of clients across many areas of industry and commerce.

Our talent lies in applying our proven expertise in technology and understanding of modern business issues to the provision of simple and effective systems for our clients.

Because we know that your business must keep pace in an ever changing environment we deliver solutions that are not only cost-effective but also fast to deploy, reliable and easy-to-use. This approach enables our clients to thrive in a modern business environment where accurate information can mean the difference between success and failure.

Our success is based on leveraging our experience and understanding of your unique requirements, while focusing strongly on data integrity to improve your business processes and provide accurate business intelligence.

Time and again we have been proven to deliver real business benefits such as:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Fast Return-on-Investment
  • Better business intelligence
  • Increased revenues
  • Savings on resource (time and money)
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Higher employee performance
  • Manageable business growth



Our customised business software solves some of the most common challenges faced by businesses, such as mountains of paperwork, overcomplicated spreadsheets and unstructured processes.

We have engineered an approach to implementing systems that deliver maximum benefit with minimal hassle.

In order to accomplish this, we develop an in-depth understanding of your requirements and existing business processes, as well as the wider issues that you face.

Utilising our vast experience of systems development we propose a solution based on your unique situation.

By choosing Intime Data to develop your database solution you benefit from a robust and user-friendly system.

To remain current with ever changing business needs, we can quickly and easily add new elements to your application.


Although I had my doubts about whether Intime Data would be able to sort my reporting problems, Intime data was able to step up to the challenge and manage to do just that without much of a hassle. Intime data was able to provide us with a unique program to assist not only with combining multiple reports from multiple users across the country, but also to analyse these reports at a click of a button. We managed to cut down on time required for compiling and analysing reports. There is always a helping hand just a phone call away providing great ongoing support, upgrades and troubleshooting. I would easily recommend Intime data to anyone who has to struggle through endless amounts of data or reports.....stop wasting time; there is an alternative just a click away!

I have been using the services of Intime Data since 2012. I was referred to them by a business associate. I was initially apprehensive about using a relatively small company to develop my business system. This apprehension very quickly disappeared when I experienced the hands on and professional approach I received, from the initial stages of the system development to the ongoing system maintenance and development. For our business perspective ,the most outstanding attribute is that Intime Data staff take an interest in our business and make an effort to understand how it runs, this enables them to offer valuable advise and suggestions, which we have more often than not- used successfully. Work is always completed timeously. The staff are always friendly and accommodating. System development timelines are always adhered to. I would definitely recommend their services.

Our company was very impressed from the first conversation. The level of experience, thought and care that went into our project was amazing! We highly recommend anyone looking for the best customer experience, professional designs and continued service excellence. We feel that in this business we let the work do the talking and the portfolio and ethics of Intime Data clearly speaks for itself.

Intime data has designed a few Microsoft Access based software programmes specifically for our company’s unique needs relating to database administration, scheduling and reporting. We are constantly upgrading this software to adapt to our ever changing business needs. Due to the constant changes, I have been working closely with them on the scheduling and database administration programme. In the last 5 years of working with Intime data, I have only had great experiences. They have gone out of their way to understand the flow and function of our business, in order to give us Software that is specifically suited for our various and often very confusing objectives and timelines. Intime Data has always been available when needed, have really gone the extra mile, have had a great turn-around time for getting the job done, and has a great way of bringing it all together into streamlined, tailor made, software packages that completely suit the needs of our business.

Our previous scheduling system relied heavily on the human component and as such was prone to errors. The SAMS electronic system created by Intime Data enabled quick and instant access to reports whilst offering faster and reliable schedule management. Their technical assistance and ability to grasp our requirement was tremendous and we would use them again, given a similar need.

We have learnt over the last 5 years exactly how to use technology to fit what we do. Our business processes reflect this. LPMS has been developed by Intime Data for our needs and provides a direct solution for the sale and administration of various insurance and financial products in a virtual and paperless environment. LPMS has been integral to our success. It has enhanced what we do and how we do it. The system provides us with information about our sales effectiveness and the service quality which we offer our customers. The system provides us with real time transactional and process information as well as business intelligence allowing us to manage our agents, customer interactions, products and sales in a fully integrated front and back office environment.

We have benefited a great deal since the implementation of our management program. The system is extremely user friendly and allows us to access all necessary information from one central Database. Our ability to manage our time better ultimately contributes to efficiency as well as productivity. We would recommend Intime Data without any hesitation!



It's a fact that countless issues invade the working day of a business. However, locating problems, finding solutions and making positive changes can be difficult.

Dealing with these issues successfully is the focus of the ISO standard. If you are ISO certified then you are already committed to following the procedures required to achieve these benefits for your business. If you are not ISO certified you still need up-to-the-minute management information to manage change effectively.

CPAR (Corrective and Preventive Action Request) provides the practical tools you need to deal with quality issues by maintaining a closed loop process. CPAR ensures that issues are addressed as they arise and monitored until they are resolved thereby ensuring continuous improvement.


Our company has been using the CPAR software since 2011 when we were certified ISO 9001 compliant and what I as the management representative managing the system have found is that it is easy to use, formalizes corrective and preventive actions and ensures that people think about the close out, responsible persons are identified to ensure close out, issues are not forgotten over time as the open actions are on the register and turn red when late and only go off the register once closed, it is easy to send reminders to the mailing list per CPAR, there are nice graphs for reporting and CPAR’s are categorized which makes trend analysis easier. I have found that when one raises a CPAR for an issue with a supplier the response is much better than when just sending an email. The CPAR almost says “We are serious”. Big issues have been resolved within our business using this technique.

Intime Data's CPAR system has improved our ability to identity problems and non-conformances within our company's daily operations as well as in our ISO 22 000 system. The CPAR system has encouraged logical thinking and improved problem solving. We are now aware of all unnecessary expenses and we are able to actively improve on these problems. The CPAR system is easy to learn and use, especially with the fantastic support of Intime Data. Intime Data does regular client check-ups and their response to any problems has always been swift and accurate. I can highly recommend the CPAR system and the use of Intime Data's services to anyone needing such services!

It makes the raising of CPAR’s more efficient as one has a formal platform from which to work, and this gives guidelines to the user on what needs to be included in your corrective action report. The system is fairly straightforward and gives us a logical format from which to work. The registers one can extract from the system are very useful.

It is very easy to control the CPAR process through using the program. You can easily track or recall a CPAR. The specific problem that the system solves for us is the fact that the program automatically numbers and sorts the CPAR according to date or progress of a specific CPAR.

We are a large and complex organization with a lot of diverse function; that is why we found that the CPAR system is user friendly and effective as well as easily accessible. Which allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses and to monitor the progress towards our goals.

Ek wil net van hierdie geleentheid gebruik maak om te sê hoeveel die CPAR stelsel vir ons beteken:
1. Dit help ons om kontrole te hou oor inligting wat ons nodig het om eise in te dien teen ons verskaffers.
2. Dit gee ons 'n duidelike opsomming van watter CPAR's afgehandel is en watter nog nie.
3. Die stelsel bied talle opsies wat gebruik kan word om waardevolle inligting te bekom.
4. Die stelsel speel 'n baie belangrike rol in die maatskappy se prosedure en griewe stelsel.

CPAR is a very user-friendly system and so easy to use. With just a click of a button, reports are generated very easily. It's hassle-free and easy to use. Our Management Review Meetings are always a success due to the useful information generated by the system. Definitely a 5-star system! The services and support received by the friendly staff of Intime Data is also of a very high standard. Thank you Intime Data!

I am very impressed with the personal attention that Intime Data has given me. You didn't just sell me a piece of software and leave me to figure it out. The support and follow up communication has been very good and the system is very simple to use.

What a great software package! Who thought that a system like this existed. A paperless system that automatically generates Action Request numbers and trends relevant issues on graphs. Having an ISO / HACCP Management system in place, this really has lightened our workload and we find that the system works for us and not the other way around. And with excellent customer and back-up support, Intime Data really caters for any customers needs. Highly recommended!

The benefits of CPAR speak for themselves

  • Awareness of correct procedures promotes the "quality culture"
  • Easy to adopt and integrate into your business with simple installation and minimal training
  • Saves time; issues are entered once and tracked automatically
  • Accountability; defines and allocates responsibility to an individual
  • Enhances interdepartmental communication
  • Traceability; the closed-loop system ensures issues are addressed
  • Accurate management data from up-to-date reports and charts
  • Reduces costs of operation, management & audit
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Benefits all Quality Management requirements, not just ISO
  • Affordable; return on investment is fast
  • Customised for your individual requirements
  • Scaleable; supports multiple users

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